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» Is there also a mobile application for

Yes, there is a mobile application available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.
For more information about the offline mobile application please visit our website Mobile application ».


» What map types is offering and where do I find information about their recency?

More detailed information on map data sources, their recency, and suppliers is available under  Map Types.

» Can I add a map from to my website

Yes, it is possible. However, it is always necessary to comply with the license agreement of the suppliers providing the particular map type.

More information about license agreement »
You can place the map on your website not only as an image but also as a "moving map". It can be simply inserted into your own website via the application interface offered for free (API Maps).

More information about API Maps »

» How can I share a map with others?

To share a map, including custom points and a planned route, click on the "Tools" button and then select one of the available options. You can send the map via email, generate a shortened URL link, download it as an image, or embed a map into your own site.

More information about map sharing »

» Can I upload the route on in GPX?

Yes, routes recorded in other applications and saved as GPX file can be uploaded by using the function Tools - Import GPX.

More information on how to Import Recorded Routes »

» How do I modify a planned route?

By default, the Planner plans a route between the two specified points - start and finish. After that, you can customize your route as needed - you can move the start and finish, insert the waypoints or change the route by dragging it. The route will be always recalculated automatically.

More information about the Route Planner »

» I found an error on the map. Can I do something about it?

To report an error on the map, please follow the steps as listed in the section Did you find an error?

» How do I add my business to

Register your business at and create your Business Listing. All listings are then traceable even through the map server. Some types of business listings such as restaurants, accommodation and others have an icon assigned on  – a POI (point of interest).

More information about company profiles at »

» Inaccurate information in the elevation profile  

Why is the reference of the ascending and descending meters not always accurate, why is the elevation stated differently from the reality, and other similar minor deficiencies in the elevation profile are explained in more detail in the section Route planning.



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