Businesses, tourist attractions and tips for trips

In addition to searching by name of a location, it is also possible to search by a category name. For example, we can suggest you a tip for a weekend trip or find the nearest barber, car service, or restaurant.

Category search

If you don't know the name of a particular location, you can enter a category name in the search engine, such as castle, swimming pool, playground, and so on.
Selected categories, that might interest you, will be displayed just below the search field. Just click and the search results will display immediately.

By clicking on the category Tips for Trips, places of interest and hiking trails will display as our recommendations for your trip.
When searching for a category, the search results on the map display primarily objects near the location you're looking at. To get results from another area, enter this area directly in the search box, such as Brno Theater.
If the category you're looking for is missing on, please let us know by using the function Report a Problem. We will gladly add the category.

Searching for businesses

Pharmacies, banks, ATMs, post offices, restaurants, hotels, ... these are all businesses! Thanks to the interlinking with the service you can search for any kind of business directly on
Our map search engine can even search for businesses in a particular region (county, district, village, street, address). In the search field on you can enter not only the name of a specific company  (e.g. ""), but also only the type of the company and its location (e.g "ATMs Anděl", "restaurants in Poděbrady") and so on.

However, the search engine also understands more complex search terms, such as

After selecting one of the results, the company business card will be displayed with more detailed information, such as opening hours, contacts or links to the website.

If you want to narrow your search, type in front of the search term one of the operators listed below.

  • maps: Searches prioritally tourist destinations. (e.g.. maps: pohovka)
  • firm: Will search the entered term in the company name (e.g. firm: service)
  • pubt: Displays primarily public transport stops (e.g. pubt: university)

How to list your business on FOR FREE?
Simply register on and create your Business Listing.

More information about Business Listing at »

Other Points of Interest - POI

Zájmový bod autobusová zastávka

In the same way as for business search, other points of interest can be searched for, such as tourist attractions, castles, museums, churches, tourist signs, peaks, rivers, stops of public transport and trains, and many more.

These points of interest come from a variety
of sources, such as:

Tourist signs are available not only in the Czech Republic, but also in some other countries (e.g. Ukraine)


Data from the "National Register of Springs and Wells"

Naturist locations in the Czech Republic

Parking information <>

...and many others...
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