Rating rules

You can evaluate and write review for almost every place on Mapy.cz. Inserting reviews (as user content) is managed by Licence Agreement for User Content on Mapy.cz.
Rules for evaluating companies you can find here.

How do we process adding reviews

Every newly added review is automatically checked and in some cases can be checked manually as well. Algorithm assigns an internal weight of the approved review which will be part of overall rating of the place. Algorithm works with multiple factors, such as the age of individual reviews, etc. The overall calculated rating is represented as a decimal number 1.0-5.0. Average rating is displayed as a green badge.

Administrators have the right to determine review eligibility.

Deleting a review

To ensure quality of reviews on Mapy.cz, we have the right to delete it if:
  • review in any case violates laws of the Czech Republic;
  • contains inappropriate or offensive content, swearing or insults;
  • publishes other identification data of the reviewers (eg phone, occupation, any other information that violates privacy protection);
  • contains URL links or email address or phone number;
  • contains incomprehensible information;
  • it is not relevant for the place and the reviewer does not have his own experience with the place
  • contains advertising messages
  • if we mark it as spam

Rules for reporting reviews

A logged in user has opportunity to report an inappropriate review. If a reported review is inappropriate after review by specialist we will remove the review. If the reported review does not contradict the Mapy.cz rules we will not delete the review. If same reviews are reported too many times, company has the right to temporarily limit the posting or reporting of reviews.

Editing reviews

You can edit reviews over section My Maps or directly after clicking on the reviewed place. You will have the option to "Edit review". You can edit text as well as the number of stars.

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