Photographer’s Guide

Do you like to take pictures? Share photos of interesting places that you have visited with other users. Your photos will become an important part of They will help other users answer questions such as "What does it look like there?", "Is it nice there?" or "Is it worth a visit?”



What photos belong on includes descriptive photos, which show what the place looks like, what is interesting about it, what is its current state or what kind of atmosphere it has...

On the other hand, photos should not include your selfie, your friends or wild experiences from your trips. Such photos belong to your family album, not to Take a good look at examples of good and inappropriate photos. Photos need to go through an approval process and if any of them are unsuitable for, they will be rejected.

Attention: All photos on are publicly available. These are not private albums.

What is good to add to a photo

To make a photo as useful as possible, it is a good idea to:

  • Attach the photo to a specific place (castle, viewpoint, restaurant, town, lake…). After approval, the photo will be available in the gallery of this place.
  • Add location from which the photo was taken (where the photographer was standing) – photos will be shown on the map at this place.
  • Add a name of the photo(a title describing what is in the picture) or even more detailed description. Both names and descriptions must include only descriptive information related to the place in the photo. Any kind of information about its author or advertisement is inappropriate.
  • Enter the date the photo was taken (if not filled in automatically).

License Agreement

The document "License Agreement" will tell you how copyright works, what license you give to the photo, what can and cannot be in the photo and many other things. The full text of the document can be found at

Key points of this agreement:

  • Only upload photos that are your own, do not copy other photos to which you do not have the copyright.
  • The same applies for descriptions, do not copy someone else’s text.
  • You will be listed as the author of your photos (if you log in before uploading).
  • By uploading a photo, you provide with a non-exclusive right to freely use this photo.

Photos of businesses

When uploading photos of businesses (shops and services within the Czech Republic), their approval is subject to the rules of - photos in the photo gallery.

If you are the owner of the business, for adding photos, please use the company presentation on - company profiles, where you can add up to 20 photos and edit the entire company yourself, including contacts, opening hours and other information.

If you are a customer of this business, we will gladly welcome it if you not only add photos of it but also share your review.


Uploading, editing and removing photos

Log in to if you wish to be mentioned as the author of your photos, see them in your gallery and be able to edit them and get likes for them.

If you send the photos anonymously (without logging in) you can no longer work with them.
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