Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who will see my photo?

Your photo will be seen by all visitors, even if you are not registered. You cannot upload a photo that is only accessible to selected users.

What are the photo parameters?

On you can upload photos saved in common formats JPG, GIF, PNG. Other formats are not supported. The recommended minimum resolution is 800x600 pixels, the maximum is 11000x11000 pixels.

How do I see all my photos?

Your uploaded photos will appear on maps after approval. Photos can also be viewed by logging into and clicking on the link „My Maps -> Photos“. Here you can add or delete additional descriptions. There are always 12 photos displayed on one page, ranging from newest to oldest, sorting can also be changed according to viewer ratings.

Is there any limit for my photos?

The size of a photo album has no limit on the number of photos or the space capacity in GB. Only the size of each photo is limited, see „What are the photo parameters?“.

How do I fix a photo location or report objectionable content?

You can adjust the position of your own photo via Backpack. It is possible to report a wrong location for another author's photo using the button "Report an error". Changes will not go into effect until approved.

If you discover somebody else's photo that contains objectionable content, that is, violence, nudity, or other inappropriate content, you can report it again by using the "Report an error" button.

How do I display detailed "Exif" data for my photos?

Exif is additional data that selected digital cameras add to the captured photos. They can include information about the camera, its detailed settings when taking a photo (sensitivity, aperture, exposure), date and time of shooting and GPS. If the photo does not have this data in it, it will not be displayed.

How do my photos appear on the main photo map?

The uploaded photos are immediately available in the author's gallery / your photo gallery (in My Maps) and on the photo map. Photos for other zooms / scales are selected each day in the morning according to their quality, shooting time, and other parameters.

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