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Welcome to the web search help. is a Czech on-line company running, besides other services, the web portal, which is the first place of choice for millions of Internet users from the Czech Republic. This portal is closely integrated with our own independent web search engine, which is also very popular with Czech users. You can read more about the company on our blog in English, find detailed information on our About site, or check out Wikipedia.

On these pages you can find information on our web crawler called SeznamBot as well as other robots run by and on the way you can control their behavior. Our web crawler behaves in a similar way as those of other search engines such as Google or Bing and we do our best to keep it from overloading your site. Still, if you find the traffic due to our crawler overloading your servers, we recommend setting up a rule in the file robots.txt to limit the request rate.

Although you can disallow SeznamBot to crawl and index your site, we kindly ask you not to do so, as our users would not be able to see your web pages in the search results. Please consider whitelisting IP addresses of our web crawler.

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If you find the behaviour of our crawler offensive or need more information, please contact us at Description not available due to presence of malicious robots..


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