SeznamBot crawler

SeznamBot is a robot (also known as web crawler or web spider) – a program that retrieves content for our search engine. In your access logs you can identify it by this string:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; SeznamBot/4.0-RC1; +

FreshBot is a fast crawler designed to index pages and RSS feeds containg fresh content relevant for many users. Such pages are mostly found on news websites.

IP addresses

IPv4 IPv6
77.75.76.x 2a02:598:64:8a00::3100:0/123
77.75.77.x 2a02:598:128:8a00::b00:0/123
77.75.78.x 2a02:598:96:8a00::1200:120/123
IPv4 IPv6 2a02:598:128:8a00::b00:0/123
Test version
IPv4 IPv6 2a02:598:64:8a00::f00:0/123 2a02:598:96:8a00::1200:100/123

IP addresses from which we verify keys for IndexNow:


By typing command "host" in the command line you can see all SeznamBot's IP addresses under reverse DNS lookup.

PTR records

  • SeznamBot -,
  • FreshBot -,
  • Test version -


SeznamReadLaterBot is a job, which generate title, perex or picture for Read it later funkcion in our Seznam browser.

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