Photo upload guidelines

All uploaded photos will go through an approval process.

  • Photographs on a photo map are primarily intended to capture and as faithfully convey the appearance of a particular location (places, buildings, tourist attractions, etc.). Photo maps are not intended for presentation of private photo albums, nor for presentation of companies. Photos depicting interiors of buildings or companies, as well as photos with a predominantly commercial theme, will be rejected.
  • The photography subject should be stable at the location over time. Photographs whose predominant motive are people, means of transport, plants, animals, etc. shall be approved only exceptionally if they fulfill the conditions of point 1.
  • Uploaded photographs will be freely available at
  • The photo should always be assigned to the right location. The right location means the position where the subject is located.
  • The photo should be of sufficient quality and faithfully convey the appearance of the location, i.e. without excessive adjustments and added effects. (text, frames, watermarks, advertising, etc.), in some cases, the administrator may crop the photos to their final form.
  • The photo should be your own creation, i.e. you should own the copyright to it. If this turns out to be false, your photo will be deleted.
  • It is not allowed to upload photos that depict people that can be identified - directly or indirectly - (especially photos with recognizable human faces). Such photographs may only be uploaded provided that the persons / human faces depicted in these photographs are blurred or otherwise obstructed. The same applies to photos on which the legible license plate number is displayed. It is also allowed to upload historical images and photos, taking into account the previous point.
  • Photos taken at an angle will not be approved.
  • Duplicate photos with almost identical or very similar content will be deleted and only one of them that best represents the location will be kept (e.g. buildings from all sides, shots of the object at different angles,…).
  • In case of violation of the conditions, the photo will be rejected and an e-mail with justification will be sent.

Hint: Photos of companies, banks, and other commercial objects, that are not allowed here, can be added to the map as an entry on

These rules are part of the license agreement.


YES: photo not edited NO: edited photo (frame, text added)
YES: captures the surroundings NO: captures only detail
YES: depicts the landscape scenery NO: does not depict any particular location
YES: captures the appearance of the building NO: non-specific detail, can be found anywhere
YES: animal in the zoo - characterizes the object NO: a pet = private photo
YES: establishment from the outside NO: establishment from the inside
YES:describes a location NO: the person occupies a significant part of the photo
YES: captures the appearance of an object NO: one-time event

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