Personal Data Protection Principles

Do you want to know what data we collect about and application users and why? Read on.

In relation to user data, applies the following principles:

(1)  We respect the privacy of our users, we pay appropriate attention to this and we take all steps required for the proper security and protection of data on our users from misuse;
(2)  We comply with the applicable laws concerning personal data protection;
(3)  We collect data on our users and use it for improvement and increasing the quality of our services;

For the purposes of the identification of a particular user of our services, we know the user´s log-in data to the service. To allow for the off-line storage of maps, images and photographs in and, we register your access to the storage. GPS authorization is required to determine the position on the map. also collects statistical data through which we can get an idea about how the application is used. Thanks to this data, we can work to continually improve our services. is also interested in technical data concerning what device, hardware and operating system you use. We use this collected data for internal analytical purposes.

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