Route planning by public transport

If you want to plan a route by public transport, there are options available for changing your departure or arrival date and a box for entering your desired time. Please use the 24-hour time format, e.g. 17:15.

If using the pre-set option "today, now", the current date and time will be used.

However, by clicking in the box a calendar will display, allowing you to choose the date and the time of your preference.

Timetable data for public transport is obtained directly from specific carriers and their availability depends on mutual negotiations. Currently, it is possible to search in public transport timetables within the Czech Republic only.

After entering the start and the end of the route, the route shall be searched for immediately. Available connections are always displayed individually, in separate blocks in the right sidebar. If multiple connections are available, they will be displayed below each other.
The map always shows the first available connection. To view the route of the next or the previous available connection, please click on the links "previous connection" or "next connection" displayed in the right sidebar.

Note: Although we try to display everything in the up-to-date and most accurate way, we only provide the results about the route for information purposes. Due to the circumstances on the side of the carrier or other unexpected events, the actual conditions may differ from the results shown.


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