Bird's eye view

The bird's eye view enables the view of the landscape, as the name suggests, from a "bird's perspective". These are digital photographs of the Earth's surface taken from an airplane. Compared to the classic (perpendicular) aerial image, which is taken by a camera being aimed perpendicular to the ground surface, by the bird's eye view imagery, the camera is tilted at an angle of 45°. That's why it is also called oblique imagery.

Due to the tilt of the cameras, the images do not show house roofs only. On the contrary, they provide a view of house facades and thus bring a unique combination of wide-area views and a human-like view perception at the same time, which allows even better orientation in the landscape.

Oblique images are taken in four directions corresponding to cardinal points. By clicking the buttons with curved arrows at the bottom of a picture, you can look at the same object from a different perspective and rotate the view to the right or left.

If the object, you are looking for, is covered with oblique images, the link for the Bird's eye view will appear in the context menu in green color when you right-click on the map. By clicking on it, oblique images of that location will display. Currently, there are over 220 largest municipalities in the Czech Republic covered by oblique images (approximately 80% of all municipalities with over 6,000 inhabitants).

Plan of locations in the Czech Republic where the bird's eye view is available:

The bird's eye view imagery may not be up to date and for now there are no updates scheduled. The bird's eye view function is gradually replaced by the 3D view.

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