Tactile maps - hint

If you are interested in using tactile maps, but you are not sure how to select the right map area or you do not know how to proceed further, please contact us.
Just fill out a short contact form, where you specify which map area you need to print, and we'll be happy to assist you.
  1. The link to the contact form is located on the home page https://hapticke.mapy.cz/ in the right side panel together with information.
  2. In the contact form, please fill in your contact information and please specify which map area you need to print, evtl. describe the purpose that the map will be used for, in a free form message text.
  3. After submitting the form, a confirmation screen will be displayed and you will also receive an email confirmation.
  4. We will process your query and respond to you within a few days or call you back to clarify your request.
  5. After arranging all the necessary details, we will print the tactile maps and send them to the delivery address provided.
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