Signing out of your user account

You can select from two options to sign out of your user account and services

Signing out of the service

  • Once you're signed in, you'll see a box with the icon you chose in your account settings, or an icon with your e-mail address initials.

  • By clicking on the icon, you can select in the menu Sign out.

  • You are now signed out of the service.
  • After signing out, a box with an icon or e-mail initials will be still visible. The service only remembers the previously used sign-in account.
  • You can select the option Sign in in the box to Sign in again.

After signing out, the data used for displaying personalized content are still processed.
The processing of this data can be opted out by clicking on the Forget the user or by expressing your disagreement in the Account settings.

Forgetting a previous sign-in account

  • If you have previously signed in to the service, you will see a box with an account icon or an icon with the initials of your email address.

  • After clicking on the icon, you can select Sign in as in the menu, which enables you to sign in again as a previously logged-in user.
  • To completely forget a previously logged-in account, select Forget user..

  • After this option, the service no longer remembers the previously used account and only the Login menu is available..

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